Q: How soon can I expect to receive my order? 

A: All jewelry is made to order and usually takes 7~12 days to create (sometimes sooner). Depending on the shipping address and the shipping method selected at checkout, most domestic customers receive their orders in 2~3 weeks, while international customers 3~8 weeks. Please keep in mind transit time is in addition to processing time.

Q: I understand your jewelry is made to order, but I really need it urgently. Anyway I can get it sooner than a week?
A:  Depending on the current sales volume, rush orders are usually available for an additional charge (starting at $20 and varies depending on the urgency and shipping address). Please contact me prior to purchasing regarding the possibility and cost of your rush order.

Q: I'm buying the jewelry as a gift. Can you send it directly to the gift recipient and gift wrap for me?
A: Absolutely! All orders are packed in pretty kraft jewelry boxes by default, and I will gladly include a gift note for the recipient. Simply type out your gift note in the message box at checkout.

Q: Are your pearls real?
A; Yes, I use high quality freshwater pearls that have real nacre. This also means they also have natural surface blemishes upon close inspection.

Q: How should I care for my freshwater pearl jewelry?
A: Avoid sun, chemicals, perspiration, perfume and drastic humidity change. Direct sun can harm the luster and cause the color to fade, while dryness may cause pearls to crack.

Clean pearls with freshwater and store in a dark pouch or jewelry box. Do not soak in any jewelry cleaning solution that is not intended for pearls.

Q: Are your gemstones real?
A: Yes, I only use high quality natural gemstones in my designs. They are not dyed or lab created, and neither are they glass or plastic. Most of them are hand cut in India or Thailand. They may vary in size, shade and cut, and may have inclusions.

Q: I am interested in your mother's birthstone jewelry, but my family is still expanding, and I wonder if I can send the jewelry back to you to add new stones when we have new family members?
A: It depends on which deign you choose. Circle of Love and Open Heart are two designs that can be sent back to add new stones. A small service charge and return shipping cost will apply.

Q: I'm very sensitive to metal. Can I wear 14k gold filled jewelry?
A: If you can wear solid 14k gold, then you can wear 14k gold filled jewelry. Some people with extreme sensitive skin can only wear purer gold such as 18K or purer. Please be aware I cannot be responsible for any metal allergy reaction.

Wikipedia has an excellent guide on gold filled jewelry.

Q: Does your silver tarnish?
A: Unfortunately, it does. I use solid sterling silver in my jewelry, which means it will tarnish over time. The speed and degree of tarnishing vary depending on the wearer and the environment the jewelry is stored in. To slow down the speed of tarnishing, store the jewelry in an airtight bag or with anti tarnish strips. To clean tarnished silver, use baking soda or tooth paste and a soft brush.

Q: I live in Charleston and would like to see your jewelry in person before I make a purchase. Is it possible?
A: Unfortunately, in order to focus on my online sales, I currently don't sell locally or appear at shows. I will, however, consider doing private jewelry parties within the greater Charleston area. Please contact me for details if you are interested.